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Published on 2020-05-09 | Last updated on 2024-05-27

In order to promote basic research on domestic industrial software, improve the level and proportion of domestic industrial software, and help achieve the Made in China 2025 plan, Viser Technology Pte. Ltd. plans to publish a special issue on "Scheduling Algorithms and Systems in the Manufacturing Field" in its academic journal "Mechanical Engineering Science".


At present, whether it is the transformation and upgrading of smart workshops and smart factories, or network-oriented resource collaborative manufacturing, it is inseparable from efficient and intelligent manufacturing management system software, and the implementation of related software is inseparable from the design of intelligent scheduling algorithms. Therefore, it is necessary to reflect the latest research on scheduling algorithms and systems in the manufacturing field. This special issue intends to focus on the basic scientific theories, key technical methods and applications of the design and system implementation of advanced intelligent scheduling algorithms at various stages of the product life cycle in the manufacturing field, and include high-level innovative research results at home and abroad, so that readers can have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the research frontiers of scheduling algorithms and systems in the manufacturing field.


Viser Technology Pte. Ltd. is an innovative enterprise that integrates technology and culture, focusing on the publication and distribution of international open-source Chinese and English journals and books that reflect cultural content and academic value. Adhering to the concept of "spreading science and technology culture and promoting academic exchanges", it has established stable cooperative relations with well-known domestic and foreign universities, research institutes and databases. It will closely follow the development path of specialization and characteristics, continuously create a corporate culture atmosphere of "feelings, vision and dreams", stand out from the crowd, and become an innovative publishing company with "blood, flesh and warmth".


Mechanical Engineering Science (MES) is an all-English open access journal launched by Viser Technology Pte. Ltd. , dedicated to the rapid publication of the latest research progress in the field of mechanical engineering, covering the fields of engineering mechanics, fluid mechanics, mechanical automation, engineering materials, material mechanics, combustion, heat transfer, thermodynamics, tribology, mechanism, mechanical principles, mechanical parts, metal technology and non-metal technology, etc. The goal is to promote the development of mechanical engineering, promote the process of discipline specialization, and provide a communication platform for reporting and discussing cutting-edge academic issues related to mechanical engineering.


In order to run this special issue well and provide a high-level communication platform for experts and scholars, Wisser Publishing Group promises: no fees will be charged for the publication of manuscripts that pass the review of this special issue, and a paper version of the journal will be given to the expert authors as a gift; at the same time, all expert authors participating in this special issue will have the opportunity to publish an academic work at half price in Wisser Publishing Group. Experts and scholars are welcome to submit their manuscripts!

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Lead expert Xie Zhiqiang is a second-level professor, doctoral supervisor, and director of the Institute of Intelligent Computing and Scheduling Systems at the School of Computer Science and Technology of Harbin University of Technology; an outstanding member of the Chinese Computer Society, a senior member of the Chinese Automation Society and the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers; a leader of the provincial leading talent team in computer software and theory; a technical expert in the key R&D program of the Ministry of Science and Technology; he discovered, proposed and implemented a third type of product manufacturing scheduling model - comprehensive scheduling - that handles the processing and assembly of multiple varieties of single or small batch products together, shortening product manufacturing time by about 30%; he has published more than 130 papers, authorized 7 invention patents, and obtained 21 software copyrights.


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